The Beginning

I believe the hardest part of writing is the introduction. You have to simultaneously capture the reader’s attention, give them enough information to want to read through the entire work, not give so much information that they can just skip through it, and not come off as a pompous ass. I’m not good at introductions. In fact, I wrote that as a poor excuse for one.

My name is Shmeeps. As a software developer, I’ve often wondered why I don’t have a blog, as I come across some interesting scenarios I’d like to share, and sometimes it’s good just to write. So, I created this. Sadly, was already taken by some douchebag who hasn’t touched it in years. (I mean seriously, who takes shmeeps? I’ve been using this name for at least 11 years!)

A little about me: I work as a web developer and administrator for my University. I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors degree, and am applying for the Doctorates program as well. I love games. I love programming. But most importantly, I love programming games.

This blog will primarily be a story telling place for my adventures in software engineering, in the hope that I can have something out there that may be interesting to someone. There’s no set topics, I’ll talk about current technology news, web development, and certain aspects of a new game I am developing on my own, maybe even politics. Aside from that, I have no idea.

Oh, if you have some idea you’d like my thoughts on, feel free to ask.

The next hardest part after an introduction is a conclusion. I won’t be bothering with it.