Mistakes recruiters make

If you’re in the job market, especially in a technology field, you’ve no doubt come across recruiters. You know how it is, you upload your resume to CareerBuilder, Monster, what have you. An hour later your phone wont stop ringing and your inbox is quickly filling up. Normally, I would think the concept of recruiters is […]

5 Reasons Your Mobile Website Sucks

With mobile browsers becoming more and more popular every day, mobile versions of websites are required to be easily accessible to all users. You have no mobile site Okay, this one is a little cheap, as your mobile site can’t suck if you don’t have one, but let’s be honest, this is probably one of […]

Soylent Adventures

By now you’ve probably heard of Soylent, a pre-prepared powder that is mixed with a small amount of oil and some water to create a “meal” that is supposed to be similar to other meal replacement drinks (think Slim-Fast, etc), but nutritionally complete. I’ve been very interested in this from the get-go, as most of […]

Safari Timeout issue

Ran into an issue using the Safari browser that took a while to track down. Whenever our server would come under heavy load, requests to the server could start to take much longer to process, upwards of 10-15 seconds for pages with a lot of data. While this was a whole other issue on its […]

Internet Explorer CSS limit

Here’s an interesting one for the day that may hopefully give another reason for people no to use Internet Explorer, or if they do to always use the most up to date version. Our University requires that we support legacy versions of web browsers, as there are still many a user who are running Internet […]

Check your extensions while in development mode

I ran across an interesting error a few days ago while working. We have an application where a user is able to enter in information about themselves in sections. One of the many sections allows a user to associate their account with various organizations, communities, etc, which is aptly named affiliations. While developing this section, we didn’t […]

The Beginning

I believe the hardest part of writing is the introduction. You have to simultaneously capture the reader’s attention, give them enough information to want to read through the entire work, not give so much information that they can just skip through it, and not come off as a pompous ass. I’m not good at introductions. […]